Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite is a mobile application designed to bring faster and better communication experience for Facebook Messenger Users. Facebook Messenger Lite App is able to deal with low-cost and old smartphones and tablets. We tried to optimize data-transfer feature to make the app work with a poor-quality internet connection as well.

Messenger Lite

Furthermore, just like Facebook Lite app, the file size of Facebook Messenger Lite is just a few megabytes, which is much easier to download, store and install on Android devices. We also maintain the compatibility of Facebook Messenger Lite. It can work with every version of Android, from Android 2.3 to higher version.

Why Facebook Messenger Lite

There are many reasons to change from Facebook Messenger App to Facebook Messenger Lite. Here we listed some of the most important ones:

1. Facebook Messenger Lite is faster: It is much faster than Facebook Messenger App on Android itself. We design Facebook Messenger Lite for low-cost and old Android phones, therefore, the graphic user interface of Facebook Messenger Lite is optimized for speed and efficiency.

2. Facebook Messenger Lite can work with old Android phones: Because Facebook Messenger Lite is greatly optimized, it can work smoothly with low-cost and old Android phones. It will not be a problem if you are still own a 512-MB-ram Android phone. We guarantee that the app works fast and smoothly.

3. Facebook Messenger Lite can work with a poor quality internet connection: If you have a poor quality internet connection and still want to connect with you Facebook friends, Facebook Messenger Lite is a better choice over Facebook Messenger. There will be fewer interrupts and disconnects, compare to the full app

Standard Facebook Messenger

If you have good internet connection and a brand-new smartphone or tablet. Please consider to use the standard Facebook Messenger to enjoy all the features that Messenger App could bring. Click "Find Out More" to go to our download page for the Standard Facebook app and Standard Messenger App.

Messenger Lite

4. Facebook Messenger Lite is easier to install and uninstall: Facebook Messenger Lite APK file is just a few megabytes of size, therefore, it is very easy to install and remove from your Android phones. It only takes a few seconds to do so.

5. Facebook Messenger Lite can save you data transfer cost: Because of the optimization that we mentioned above, the cost to stay connected with your friends and relatives is lower than using the original Facebook Messenger App. It can save you lots of money if you are using a limited internet connection.

6. Facebook Messenger Lite has all of the most basic features of Facebook Messenger: Last, but not least. Facebook Messenger Lite still brings a lot of cool features from Facebook Messenger. You can still send messages, pictures, emoticons and attached files to your friends.


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